Ancient Theater of Messene – Polylimnio Waterfalls-Pylos – Methoni (Castles, Museums) – Finikounda

Athens, early in the morning. We are picking you up from your hotel or apartment and driving to Peloponnese, where we are going to visit all the above magnificent places and meet the Ancient Greek History and the Modern Greek beauties!

After having the necessary stops-breaks for snacks and pictures, during an adventurous journey, we reach our first station, the Ancient Theatre of Messene, which is considered as one of the biggest theaters of the Ancient Times and Roman Period. Laid in the center of the town, this monument of impressive dimensions, used to be not only a theater, but also a site of mass political assemblies.

Our next destination is Kazarma, a Messinian village with a nearby well-hidden treasure. Following a path starting from Kazarma settlement, we will meet – literally – a paradise on earth: a complex of 15 lakes forming waterfalls within the surrounding dense vegetation. The site’s name is Polylimnio (meaning in Greek “many lakes”).

Plenty of sensations and feelings, we are leaving Kazarma’s natural wonder to visit our tour’s next destination, Pylos. This picturesque town, which is Peloponnese’s biggest natural port, has a very long and heavy historical background, starting from the Mycenaean Civilization with the King Nestor and reaching the Modern Greek Times with the famous Battle of Navarino.  

Next station is Methoni, another historical seaside town of Messinia prefecture, whose symbol is a grandiose Venetian castle, one of the biggest ones of Mediterranean. Methoni’s most important advantage and attractive element is its harmonious mixture of both the old and modern characters, while you will have also the opportunity to visit some of its interesting museums. 

We are leaving Methoni to meet our tour’s final station, Finikounda. This attractive seaside village is a popular resort, while it is believed that its name derives from Phoenicians. In this site, which in the deep past used to be a pirate base, visitors may enjoy Greek sea and sun and taste extra fine local products. Having completed our scheduled trip, we are leaving Peloponnese, having kept deeply in our hearts all this unforgettable experience and driving back to Athens. 



Tickets :

Castle of Methoni :
Full €2 / Reduced €1 .

Castle of Pylos :
Full: €6, Reduced: €3
Valid for: Castle, Archaeological Museum Of Pylos, exhibition of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities in Pashas building, exhibition of the Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities in the Makrigiannis bastion, Church of Transfiguration of Christ.

Ancient Messene :
Full: €10, Reduced: €5
Archaeological Site and Museum of Ancient Messene

Reduced ticket : European citizens over 65 years old,
University students Free entrance : people under 18 years old,
students from European Union


January 1st: closed
March 25th꞉ closed
May 1st: closed
Easter Sunday: closed
December 25th: closed
December 26th: closed

Free admission days

March 6th (in memory of Melina Mercuri)
April 18th (international monuments day)
May 18th (international museums day)
Last weekend of September (European heritage days) October 28th
Every 1st Sunday from November to March

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