Isthmus of Corinth – Ancient Corinth – Nemea – Mycenae – Argos – Nafplion

Athens, early in the morning. We are picking you up from your hotel or apartment and driving to Peloponnese, where we are going to visit all the above magnificent places and meet the Ancient Greek History and Legends!

After a short journey, we are leaving Attica and reaching our first station, Isthmus of Corinth. This admirable structure, whose history starts 2.500 years before, when the tyrant Periandros was the first to begin this project, connects Peloponnese with Greek Mainland, while the Corinth canal connects the two gulfs, Saronic and Corinth, that is Aegean with Ionian Sea.

Our next station is Ancient Corinth, the city that, according to Mythology, was earned by Sun, when He and Poseidon had a dispute, in which finally Poseidon kept Isthmus. Corinth was one of the most important ancient cities, while it performed a crucial role during the Peloponnesian War. Local excavations have revealed a treasure of remains and objects, which you may admire either in the archaeological museum or outdoors.

Leaving the impressive Ancient Corinth, we continue our travel in the world of myths, with Nemea. Is there anybody that has never heard about Hercules, the greatest of all the heroes? Hercules has connected his fame with that of Nemea, since it was there where he accomplished his 1st labor: killing the terrible lion of Nemea. This city is also known for the “Nemeia” sport games that were taking place in the ancient years and were revived in 1996, as well as for its internationally known wine production. 

Next destination is Mycenae, a globally known Ancient Greek City, the kingdom of Great Agamemnon. The archaeological site consists in the fortified Acropolis, the legendary Cyclopean Walls, the treasure and unique tomb of Atreus, the Lions Gate and many other astonishing remains and findings, kept either in the local archaeological museum or other national ones.

Leaving, but not forgetting this astonishing site, we are driving towards our new station, Argos. This city that used to represent an important center of the Mycenaean Civilization, is also known due to local findings belonging to the Late Bronze Age, which resulted to Argos’ consideration by some scientists, as probably the oldest European city!

Plenty of sensations and feelings, we are leaving Argos to visit our tour’s last destination, Nafplion, one of the most romantic and beautiful towns of Greece. The medieval atmosphere of the old city, together with the view of Palamidi fortress, as well as the small island-fortress lying at the port’s entrance, make you feel like you have been transferred into another era. You may enjoy a walk next to the beach or visit the castle.

Having completed our scheduled trip, we are leaving Peloponnese, having kept deeply in our hearts all this unforgettable experience and driving back to Athens. 



Tickets :

Ancient Corinth:
Full: €8 / Reduced: €4 for both tickets for the Museum and the Archaeological Site
Full: €12 / Reduced: €6 (April-October) Full: €6 / Reduced: 3€ (November-March)
Ancient Nemea Museum
Full: €6, Reduced: €3

Reduced ticket : European citizens over 65 years old,
University students Free entrance : people under 18 years old,
students from European Union


January 1st: closed
March 25th꞉ closed
May 1st: closed
Easter Sunday: closed
December 25th: closed
December 26th: closed

Free admission days

March 6th (in memory of Melina Mercuri)
April 18th (international monuments day)
May 18th (international museums day)
Last weekend of September (European heritage days) October 28th
Every 1st Sunday from November to March

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