Livadia – Arachova – Delphi – Galaxidi

Athens, early in the morning. We are picking you up from your hotel or apartment and driving to Central Greece, where we are going to visit all the above magnificent places and meet the Ancient Greek History and Legends!

After having the necessary stops-breaks for snacks and pictures, during an adventurous journey, we are reaching our first station, Levadia. The capital of Viotia prefecture is a city carrying a large history, which has inspired many artists, starting from the Ancient Times. Levadia’s landscape includes Parnassos and Elikonas mountains, Kopaida’s plain, as well as a small river flowing through the city. Museums and other interesting sites attract the city’s visitors.

Our next station is Arachova, the “jewel of Parnassos Mountain”, where you can enjoy a combination of hospitality and natural beauty. This traditional settlement of Viotia prefecture is very popular, especially during winter, because of its proximity to the local ski centers.

Following the Greek legends and myths’ path, we are visiting Delphi, known also as “Navel of the Earth”, which was an ancient Greek city, performing the role of a spiritual focal point, with many temples, an ancient theater and, of course, the whole world’s greatest and best-known Oracle, where Pythia, priestess of Apollon, was giving holy advice to who was visiting the sanctuary.

Our last, but not least destination is Galaxidi, a picturesque seaside town of Fokida area, well known for its famous naval background and history. Because of its geographical position, Galaxidi developed an important navy, as well as an excellent shipbuilding production. Do not skip a relaxing walk by its ports, as well as by its traditional neighborhoods.

Having completed our scheduled trip, we are leaving Galaxidi, having kept deeply in our hearts all this unforgettable experience and driving back to Athens. 




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